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CONFIDENTIAL: Not for public release


Employee: Kennedy, Maya

Date: (redacted)

Designation: Engineering department, Zu Technology London office

Potential Test subject no. 100356

Age: 19

Transcript 001-  employee oversight files – private Video Diary – confidential.


Reviewer notes: The test subject is recording on a home device in her pod in intern dorm 203. Subject appears healthy. Candidate assessment is ongoing. Initial reports from her time in a sponsored affiliate program appear promising. No known relatives other than sibling (mentioned in diary entry).  No advocates, no known close friends.


Likelihood of an investigation or report being required/generated if the subject fails in the initial trials is 01.5% (acceptable).


19 yrs old, of Indian descent on the maternal side. Female.


Timestamp 00.19.23


Maya:  Hey, Diary.  Wow. That feels weird. Talking to a camera screen.  But the wellness coach in our sector said a video log is a good way to get rid of stress. Everyone in tech is paranoid about burnout. I’m not sure if this (subject makes a gesture to screen) is my thing, but at least no one else sees it…and I guess I don’t have anyone else to chat with.


So, end of week 1.  My first six days in gainful employment.  My first few days out of the internship program. (glances around bedroom). I’m still in the dorms while I save some cash. But I guess this is a milestone. (The subject looks down for a moment, a pause).


I went to see Asha today.  The group home supervisor ‘doesn’t want her schedule altered’.  It’s like he purposefully picks time slots that he knows I can’t meet because of work to make it harder. (she looks away – guilty?) But Sunday from 4 pm – 5 pm, if I do the early shift, works. He won’t give me weekly access, though, just once every two weeks.


Asha looked tired when I saw her. She’s struggling. It’s in her eyes, but she won’t tell me what is going on. I know she’s keeping secrets because she doesn’t want me to worry about her – but that only makes it worse.


(Maya looks back directly at the camera) – but you know what? It doesn’t matter what obstacles anyone puts in my way, how hard the work is or how long the hours.  I am getting my sister out of that place.  The system isn’t going to separate us anymore. And when I get her out, she isn’t going to have to say ‘no’ to college like I had too.  She is going to have a shot at being someone, at having a proper future.  Like our parents had before they died.  I don’t care what I need to do to protect her.


Recording Ends ***




Employee: Kennedy, Maya

Date: (redacted)

Designation: Project SHACKLE, Zu Technology London office

Potential Test subject no. 100356

Age: 19

Transcript 0015 -  employee oversight files – private Video Diary – confidential


Reviewer notes: The test subject is recording on a home device in rented accommodation. Subject appears functioning. The candidate assessment was completed last month, and testing is due to start within 48 hours.


Timestamp 00.22.33


‘Hey, Diary – It’s been a while.  I’m still not sure if I believe in talking to a screen as a way to offload my problems, but it doesn’t look like I have much choice; there is no one else I can talk to.  I tried talking to my  …. (looks away). But no one knows about that relationship, not even Asha. 


That’s not why I’m recording, though.  No one could understand. Not unless you're from the system too. Asha and I were numbers for so long. No safety net. No concerned relatives to come and look in on us. (Sighs). I would never wish that on anyone. 


My… friend? They were the first person to make me feel like… maybe I’m worth knowing. Something more than a drain on resources. And now we just had a massive fight because I said ‘yes’ to the program.  I don’t know what we are to each other anymore. I guess we're complicated.


(Pauses) I had to do it.  I needed to say yes to going on the program at work.  HR would never support my application to get my sister out of that home otherwise.  I need to get Asha away from that place.  Every time I see her now, I see the pain in her eyes; I feel the things she doesn’t say.  I mean, I’m not stupid.  I heard rumours at work that there is something strange about this project: SHACKLE.  But what choice do I have?


(Looks directly at camera).  No one understands what it’s like.  Asha looks up to me.  When she was little, she had no memories of ‘before’. So I used to tell her stories about our parents to help her sleep at night.  She didn’t realise that I didn’t remember much more than she did.  Most of those stories I made up.  That’s why I signed up for ‘SHACKLE’ at work.  I can’t expect anyone else to understand. I HAD NO CHOICE. It’s not like it’s forever.. it’s just till I get Asha out… right?




Recording Ends ****




Employee: Kennedy, Maya

Date: (redacted)

Designation: Project SHACKLE, Zu Technology London office

Potential Test subject no. 100356

Age: 19

Transcript 0021 -  employee oversight files – private Video Diary – confidential


Reviewer note: Test subject recording in an unknown location. Subject appears erratic. Recommend passing the full file to control to see if clean-up is required.


Timestamp is 00.15.33


Subject glances over her shoulder. Eyes are bloodshot, hair tied in a messy bun. She seems on edge.


‘I’m having problems remembering what is ‘real’ and what isn’t. (Pauses).


I don’t even know how I got into this mess anymore.  There are moments where everything seems clear, and then suddenly … It’s like I black out, and when I come too…. I’m in places, and I don’t remember how I got there.  My memories… don’t feel ‘real’ or like mine anymore.  I have to find out what they're doing to me, and I need to get Asha out of here before she gets caught up in this.


I know it sounds crazy, but I’m not paranoid.

I don’t know who to trust anymore.

I think someone is trying to kill me because of what I found out….




Recording Ends ****


Additional: No further recordings on file.


Subject Terminated.

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