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Changing our world through the power of Play, Creativity and Innovation


Three decades ago, Zu Thorp dropped out of college with a dream. The only child of New York journalist Chrissie Fisher and London academic Dr Mark Thorp. Thorp left his masters in computer engineering to launch a small video game start-up with ten thousand pounds (the balance of his unused tuition fees) and an idea about creating technology that could not only entertain but facilitate change.


Today, Zu Technology is reshaping the world through its corporate divisions and affiliate companies in the fields of gaming, entertainment, education, robotics and live events. Included in its many ʻcompany firstsʼ – is the pioneering development of metaverse gloves and glasses , hardware that cemented the corporationʼs unique position as a world leader in the field of new technology devices.


Despite its size and rapid growth, Zu Technology remains loyal to its founderʼs wish to use innovation to change society for the better. Among its charitable projects is the award-winning Zu Tech Academy. Overseen by Thorp, this international initiative is based out of its London HQ. The programme looks at giving back to communities worldwide through free educational courses. Teaching classes in Programming, Operating Systems, Maths, AI, Machine Learning, Networking, Security, Cryptography and Cloud Computing. Building a skill base for traditionally disadvantaged youth to use in the modern world. Giving them purpose and providing the brightest participants with the opportunity to compete for physical internships within the company.


In the words of Zu Thorp: ʻWe are the question. Technology is the answer, and young people are the key. There is no better way to invest in the future of our planet than by educating and moulding the next generation. Teaching them about the world we want to create and instilling in these kids the values of hard work and sacrifi ce for the greater good. Everything comes at a price, but this is one we at Zu Tech are willing and happy to pay in a society that has given us so much.ʼ With Zu Technology, its metaverse hardware devices, educational outreach programs, entertainment, and robotic divisions, the future looks fun and bright for all of us.

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