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Rock Industries announces a new home for Capture the City in New York and teases further tournament announcements to come.


New details about Rock’s ground-breaking eSports facility in New York have been revealed, which will welcome fans at its first international tournament this autumn.


New York, 10 September – Rock Industries, the major game publisher and eSports tournament operator, has today shared details on its new home for the eSports game Capture the City in AMER (North, Central and South America) ahead of the winter eSports season.


This new world-leading facility will encompass the existing Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens as well as the city’s newly designated flood-plain areas along the Hudson River Greenway and 12th Avenue.

“I’m delighted to unveil the Rock Games Arena in New York, a dedicated eSports facility and an innovative use of the city’s climate-abandonment areas,” said Lydia Rock, CEO at Rock Industries. “We’ve created a new home for Capture the City in AMER, improving the experience for fans, teams and players. This venue sets new standards and shows our commitment to developing the future of eSports.”


Addressing concerns from fans about the still-unexplained collapse of Zu Tech this summer following its unsuccessful launch of SHACKLE, Ms Rock said, “I want to reassure our fans that nothing like the events in London could happen in New York. Our facility will always put player and fan safety first. I would also like to remind anyone who is concerned that none of the rumours surrounding Zu Tech have been proven and, until they are, perhaps no one should speculate on what happened.”


Ms Rock also teased further tournament announcements to follow before the event starts: “As you know, we have some of the best and most famous players on the circuit playing in our new AMER Cup. We will be announcing one final team joining us in New York in just a few days’ time. Then I think you’ll agree with me that we have secured the most famous eSports team of the decade.”


Rock also confirmed that Capture the City will use pain response in its new Haptic Suits, which technicians will monitor, ensuring that no further players are inadvertently injured or killed.


About Rock Industries

Headquartered in Singapore, Rock Industries is the largest technology and media conglomerate in the world, operating in fifty countries and four continents. It is publicly traded on the SGX (Singapore Stock Exchange) and operates multiple diversified businesses, both nationally and internationally, in the fields of technology, soft and hardware manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, media and more. It is owned and controlled by Lydia Rock, great-granddaughter of Leo Rock who founded the company almost a century ago.

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