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Confidential: Not for public release

ID No: 100555

Family Name, Student Name: Redacted

Sex: M

Age: 16

Blood Type: O Negative

History of serious illness: None

Name of Parent / Guardian: Currently under the care of Social Services: Unit 103 (no known next of kin). 

Test Scores:

  • Intelligence Test (Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities-III): 131 (V. Superior)

  • Attitude Test: Trust and authority issues. 

  • Personality Test: Type A

Background: Mother (deceased, subject aged 4) (1st wave, nurse, frontline).  Father (deceased subject, aged 10 – cancer/non-hereditary, cause; handling heavy metals). Entered observation shortly after father’s death. Loner. Anti-Social. Highly gifted. Brilliant but unpredictable.


Disciplinary file: No convictions on file. Mentioned in various reports – however, no concrete proof of any wrongdoing was found.

Direct observations:  No attachments, controlled, intelligent. An angry but gifted mind.


Suitability for the program: ID.No.100555 represents an opportunity – he is a natural, largely self-taught.  Introduction to complex maths and machine learning began from an early age while his father worked maintenance at Queen's college. His recruitment is in progress through a third party – personal information is therefore redacted. 


One question still to be addressed - can we control him long-term? Subjects tests show him to be unpredictable.  His skill set means that if he were to go rogue, he would present a clear threat to Zu Tech and would need to be contained and neutralised immediately.  


Follow-up note: Zu has personally requested all information on this individual and completed reports to go through his office. See Webber for clearance.

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