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Confidential: Not for public release

ID No: 100356

Family Name, Student Name: Kennedy, Maya

Sex: F

Age: 17

Blood Type: AB Negative

History of serious illness: None.

Name of Parent / Guardian: Both parents deceased (1st wave).  No known next of kin apart from ID no.100350 (sibling) (also in Zu Tech Program). 

Test Scores:

  • Intelligence Test (Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities-III): 129 (Superior)

  • Attitude Test: Trust and authority issues. Rebellious tendencies. Deep attachment to sibling.

  • Personality Test: Type C (detail orientated, prepared, logical)

Background: Entered system observation aged 7. Some memories of life outside of Social Services despite suggestions that these would be best forgotten.  


Disciplinary file: Several incidents related to refusing to be separated from a younger sibling - resulted in solitary confinement. Reports suggest the group home in question may have been overly zealous in its use of discipline and isolation chambers. Suspected emotional/physical abuse. No follow up noted.

Direct observations: Promising candidate. Intelligent. Easily expendable (no outside family to cause interference). Offered a scholarship to study electronic engineering (based on state school grades) (Kings University). Declined the course in favour of a paid internship at Zu Tech in order to qualify as a guardian for younger sibling ID no.100350.


Suitability for the program: Recommend immediate recruitment into the ‘Special Projects Main Division’ with further testing. Suggest using relationship with ID no. 100350 to control.

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