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Confidential: Not for public release

ID No: 100350

Family Name, Student Name: Kennedy, Asha

Sex: F

Age: 15

Blood Type: AB Negative

History of serious illness: None

Name of Parent / Guardian: Deceased (1st wave). Currently under the care of Social Services: Unit 103 (no known next of kin apart from sibling/ID no.100356).

Test Scores:

  • Intelligence Test (Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities-III): 131 (V. Superior)

  • Attitude Test: Creative tendencies. Trust and authority issues.

  • Personality Test: Type A

Background: Entered observation aged 3. No memories of life outside of Social Services.  Reports suggest emotional and physical abuse at assigned group home (accounting for trust issues).  


Disciplinary file: Main incident. A fight with an older teen resulted in hospital treatment (fractured arm). No witnesses. 

Direct observations: One of the most promising candidates we have tested in some time. Highly intelligent. Background also suggests easily expendable (no known next of kin outside of the system will ask questions). The issue is how to control the subject to harness abilities? Attitude tests mark her as difficult with an inability to trust authority figures. Subject does not form attachments quickly, no friends - suggest leveraging the existing relationship with ID no.100356. Use their sibling bond to control them both.


Suitability for the program: Recommend immediate entry into advanced classes (with mandatory further testing).

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